Australia’s first wavepool

Pro surfers testing out 5 Waves in Australia’s first wavepool

Amazing Australian wave pool introduces world-first technology that will let riders surf five different breaks in the same location - that's 2,400 waves an hour. Australia is set to introduce the world's first man-made wave pool which lets riders surf in five different breaks all at once. Surf Lakes International will soon open the exclusive man-made lake, where riders can surf up to 2,400 waves an hour, near Yeppoon on Queensland's Capricorn Coast.

Surfers will be able to test the pool's '5 wave' technology, which produces five different levels of waves simultaneously around the lake using a giant plunger driven by compressed air at the center. As the plunger drops, the system release a hiss of steam - which had led many to compare it to a Max Max style stempunk gadget. 

The five different levels of waves all vary in of difficulty, size, and length and are colour-coded so beginner surfers through to moderate and advanced surfers can enjoy wave riding. Surf Lake's '5 wave' technology creates the most breaks in a man-made pool with ten separate waves in total – four on the left hand side, four on the right and two beginner waves.The wave pool relies on a giant plunger positioned at its center, which generates one pulse every six seconds to send the water rippling 360 degrees around.

At this rate, the plunger is capable of creating 80 rideable waves per minute, or 4800 waves per hour, according to Magicseaweed. For now though, it will be kept at a rate of 2,400 waves per hour.The wave pool can fit a capacity of up to 240 surfers and learners each hour with different abilities, which avoids the problem of waiting for different sessions to run.

The world-first technology has the highest wave productivity as hundreds of surfers are able to catch up to ten waves each per hour. Featuring Occy; Barton; Jay Occhillupo; Joel Parkinson; Laura Enever; Mitch Crews; Connor O’Leary; Felicity Palmateer; Corban Hutchins; Ryan Hipwood; Dean Morrison; Dakota Walters; Jason Blewit; Ben Player; Mick Lowe; Beau Emerton

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